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I am so excited that you have taken the first step toward your most empowered and successful self!!  Looking into therapy is a very brave venture.  I look forward to meeting you soon!!

My mission through therapy is to assist adults and teens to discover hope for the future and navigate toward their healthy goals.  My counseling approach is person-centered and based on a belief that each person's family environment, early experiences, and past and current social environments play an important role in the development of your personality and perspectives on life.  However, these things do not have to define your future.  I believe through a collaborative and trustful relationship between counselor and client, every person can overcome past and current struggles and move forward toward healthy life goals. 

I also believe that counseling is a holistic approach – body, mind, emotion and soul – so if religion/spirituality is part of your life or you would like it to be, I am very much willing to include that into sessions.  If religion/spirituality is not an area of interest, I respect those beliefs as well.

I have been a licensed Professional Counselor since 2010 and licensed in Texas since 2011.  Since graduating with a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling from Eastern Michigan University in 2005, I have successfully worked in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, domestic violence centers, foster care, crisis intervention, hospitals, and schools.  I enjoy working with adults, teens and children as individuals, families or groups.  I look forward to each opportunity to help a person grow toward a more joy-filled life!! 

Another aspect of my business life is my love to work with new professionals as they grow their skills through the clinical associateship experience.  In the past, I have worked with student interns to assist in the facilitation of their graduate program education.  I continue to enjoy working with LPC-Associates to successfully achieve full licensure.  I feel honored to walk with up-coming therapist as they develop their model for the work they are doing and will do with clients.    

On a personal note - I grew up in Michigan and went to undergraduate school near St. Louis, Illinois.  After graduate school, I lived in Tennessee for many years where I met my husband and then moved back to his hometown in Texas.  I am a wife, mother of an elementary student, daughter, sister, aunt, daughter-in-law, best-friend and dog lover.  I believe in self-care so I enjoy doing art projects with my daughter, quilting, baking, napping when I can, being mindful and spending time outdoors when the weather cooperates.  

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